Selling On Ocula Black


Our primary focus is to ensure that your experience of selling on Ocula Black is positive and rewarding. Under the headings below you can find out more.

The Benefits of Selling on Ocula Black

Immediate Market Access

Ocula Black runs continuous and multiple auctions that are open all the time. Sellers can choose when they want to sell not when it fits in with someone else’s business timetable. Our private sales connections are extensive and active.

Very Low Selling Commission

Our selling commission rate is the most competitive. Depending on the value of the artwork consigned this can range from no more than 5% (+ gst if applicable) to no selling commission at all.

Retain Possession Unless Sold

Because we offer our auctions online, in many cases the seller can retain possession of their artwork they are selling until it is sold. We do recommend that artworks of significant value be sent to our gallery so they can be viewed.

Longer Auctions Means More Buyers

Ocula Black run over 7 to 10 days. This means that a wider range of buyers have the opportunity to bid.

Reporting Features That Follow Buyer Interest

Ocula Black has powerful tools that bring more buyers to the artwork you're selling. This is achieved through functions such as Follow Artist which reports to the buyer when an artwork is offered for sale by an artist that they have selected to be alerted to. Or Add To Watchlist which follows an artwork in an auction they are interested in. 

Social Media Integration

Each lot that is offered on Ocula Black has a range of tools to promote your consigned artwork to the vast opportunities that arise from the power of social media such as FaceBook and Twitter.

Global Reach

We have clients all around the world. They are busy but Ocula Black gives them an opportunity to engage with the art market when they can and want to. The reporting features also mean that buyers are kept in touch with auctions as they are proceeding, so they don’t miss an opportunity to bid.

Good Company

We are only interested in artworks of a particular quality being sold through Ocula. When your artwork is in an Ocula Auction or private sale it is in the best company.

Get A Free Appraisal Now

We will quickly reply and give you a no obligation market value of artworks. Please remember this is not an insurance valuation, and is not useful for that purpose. To get your free appraisal click here now or you can email images and the artwork details to

Consign Now

Act now! We are open to sell all the time. Our auctions are constant and we can offer an artwork for sale immediately. You do not have to send the actual artworks to us as. All we need is high quality images. Consign now, its easy. To find out more just click here.

Art Wanted - Cash Buyers Waiting

We have clients around the world who are looking for particular works of art. If you have an artwork that you might consider selling then you should contact us and we will let you know straight away if we have a waiting buyer. To do this now please click here.

Need Help?

We are available to assist you if you would like more information about any aspect of selling an artwork on Ocula Black. Some answers may be found in our FAQ

There are a number of ways to contact us:

Just click here.

Or call us
Australia : 1800 045 308
New Zealand : (+64) 09 3033 126



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