Information On Shipping For Sellers

Shipping To A Buyer

Upon completion of an auction the seller will be notified by e-mail as to whether an artwork has sold or not. If the artwork has sold and it is in the seller's possession then Ocula Black will initiate the following process:

The seller will receive an email when full payment has been made by the buyer to Ocula Black.

Following this a custom box will be made and dispatched to your specified pick up address.

You should expect the box to arrive at lease within 5 working days of receiving the email.

The email the seller received from Ocula Black contains a link. Click on this link when the artwork has been packed into the box as per the simple instructions located inside the box.

Clicking on the link will activate a pick-up request and you can expect carriers to collect the artwork within 2 working days.

Confirmation Of Delivery To The Seller

When the artwork is delivered to the buyer Ocula Black will send the seller an e-mail to confirm delivery.

Exporting Artworks

The export of artworks sold through Ocula Black to Australia, New Zealand or other countries, may require an export licence. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform themselves with respect to those licences.

For more information on the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 (Australia) please refer to and for more information on the Protected Objects Act 1975 (New Zealand) please see: If you are located outside of these countries and are selling art on Ocula Black then you should refer to the appropriate agency with regard to any export restrictions that may be in place regarding export of artworks. This usually applies to art that is deemed to have an historical or heritage value.

Need Help?

Ocula Black is always available to assist if you have specific requirements or encounter a problem that isn’t covered in our FAQs. Please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.


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