Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Ocula Do?

Ocula is a portal to leading contemporary galleries located or engaged with the Asia Pacific region and emerging markets. Ocula is designed to engage sales enquiries for our affiliated galleries through a focus on driving visitation to key pathways where we provide comprehensive access to artworks, exhibitions and artists of represented galleries.

Ocula has an informative, intelligent interface that's easy to navigate, browse and search. Tools to save, follow, share, disseminate and enquire are always at hand. Ocula is designed to imbue casual visitors or experienced collector with informed confidence to buy art from the represented galleries.

Why Do Galleries Join?

Galleries represented on Ocula receive exclusive digital marketing services services through the Ocula platform. These features deliver visitation, sales leads and enquiries and new clients.

What Is 'My Account'?

My Account offers tools to manage and customise your interaction with the art world of the Asia Pacific region. My Account is automatically activated when you register. Its free and you don't have to spend money to keep it open. The tools managed in My Account are appropriately located throughout Ocula to be activated as desired, they include the following:

Add To My Favourites, which stores the artworks you have chosen in Favourites where a unique page can be created to share with social media or email. Follow Artist, stores an artist in your account and notifies you automatically if an artwork by the artist is added to Ocula; similarly Follow Gallery, stores a gallery in your account and then automatically notifies you when the gallery is having a new exhibition. 

Can I Buy Art On Ocula?

Currently you can buy any artwork displayed on Ocula by a represented gallery. There are many points where connection can be made directly to the gallery concerned. Ocula does not under any circumstances intervene or broker any sales that take place of works seen on Ocula. 

An e-commerce shop is coming soon to Ocula which will offer multiples, publications and editions. 

Which Galleries Are Represented?

The galleries on Ocula present serious contemporary art. They are invited by Ocula to be represented because they are a leading contemporary gallery in Asia Pacific and emerging markets. All the galleries can be accesssed in the Galleries section, or you can select a specific location.

Can I Sell On Ocula?

Only represented galleries can present artworks for sale on Ocula. If you wish to offer an artwork for sale please go to the Ocula Black website. The link to the site can be found in the footer in the right hand column. 

Where Is Ocula?

Ocula has offices in Hong Kong, Sydney and Auckland.

Can I Buy From A Gallery On Ocula?

Yes of course! Galleries can be easily contacted directly from Ocula, and there are simple and effective ways to do this built into the site.

Can I Physically See Art Seen On Ocula?

Yes. The galleries in our gallery network will have the artworks they are presenting on Ocula available to be viewed in their gallery, if not sold.

Why "Ocula"?

The name 'Ocula' is the result of an inspiration from the word 'oculus' (the Latin word for 'eye'), also a circular opening at the top of a dome to allow light to enter. This architectural feature was used mostly in the classical world, a famous example being The Pantheon in Rome. Another associated word is 'ocular' which pertains to the eye. These associations fit with the objectives of Ocula to reveal the richness and diversity of the art world and make it accessible.



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