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About Ocula Black

With highly competitive terms for buyers and sellers, plus transparency and immediacy of results, Ocula Black offers a compelling alternative to the secondary art market in Australasia.

Special features offer assurance, convenience and market insights. These include data of previous comparable sales results, a scale and zoom in viwer and a secure and confidential bidding platform.

In the Auctions section, artworks in current or forthcoming auctions can be viewed. Bid history is displayed when a bid is received and bidders can use the Add To My Watchlist tool that automatically notifies when a bidder when competing bids are made. 

Comparable sales results
 are provided in partnership with Australian Art Sales Digest (AASD) on online reference database of results achieved for art sold at auction in Australia and New Zealand. Results are up to date and often images of the works are shown too. 

Ocula Black offers an efficient and convenient way to buy and sell art to a growing online market with no boundaries.

Advantages Of Ocula Black

Ocula Black enables buyers and sellers to access the art market when they choose to, rather than the 3 to 4 month cycle which traditional auction houses operate. Benefits include:

  • A longer lead-time allows for more bidding entries.

  • Buyer identity is confidential.

  • Transaction costs are very low compared to traditional auction houses.

  • Vendors retain possession of artworks until sold, avoiding unnecessary freight costs.

  • Artworks can be bid on from a global market. This increases demand and liquidity for sellers.

By comparison, traditional auction houses hold their auctions at fixed times and places that are inconvenient in busy lives of prospective buyers and inconvenient to clients outside main cities. 

Buyer's Premium

Ocula Black (like all auction houses) charges a successful bidder a Buyer's Premium. This is charged on the 'hammer price' of a lot. The buyer's premium is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The rate charged is as follows:

For lots located in New Zealand it is 15% of the 'hammer' price.

For lots located in Australia it is 20% of the 'hammer' price.

The buyer's premium is exclusive of G.S.T (Goods and Services Tax) as applied in the relevant country. More information is available in the Auctions section.

Need Help?

We are always available to assist you if you are not sure about anything or need to know more. You can refer to our FAQ section or you can contact us in all the usual ways, to find out just click here.



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