Russell Clark — The Road to the West
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Lot 24552



New Zealand, (1905 – 1966)

The Road to the West


Oil on canvas on board

51 x 65 cm

Signed lower left


NZD $70,350
(incl. BP & GST if applicable)

Auction Closed

Tue. Sep. 27 2011 at 1:45am (NZST)

Lot Notes

This painting is available for viewing at Ocula Galleries, Level 1, 25 Sale St, Freemans Bay, Auckland. Please phone (09) 303 3126 to make an appointment or feel free to come by the gallery anytime between 9am - 5pm weekdays.

Artist Profile

As illustrator for the New Zealand Listener and New Zealand School Journal, Russell Clark’s art became part of New Zealanders’ daily lives from the 1940s to 1970s.

Clark attended Canterbury College School of Art, in Christchurch from 1922 to 1928, and then worked in advertising for 20 years. However it was as a painter and sculptor that Clark contributed to an emerging Modernist movement in Post-War New Zealand.  

In 1944 he was appointed Pacific War Artist by the New Zealand government, and this experience in Polynesia and Melanesia stimulated his inquiry into Māori art and culture, culminating in the Urewera series (1949-1951). Ironically, these works also reveal the influence of British artists Henry Moore and Barabara Hepworth, particularly in the use of stylised monumental forms which in turn were influenced by Pre-Columbian and African art. 

In 1947 he was appointed to the staff at Canterbury University College School of Art. Although criticised for his eclecticism, Clark’s association with 'The Group' and his Urewera series highlight his important contribution to New Zealand’s cultural development. 

His work is represented in the collections of the Christchurch Art Gallery and the Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa, the Auckland Art Gallery and many other public and private collections in New Zealand.

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Purchased directly from the artist by the current owners father, see additional photos of the artwork for a copy of a letter from the artist that is adhered to the reverse of the painting.

Signature and Inscriptions

Signed in brushpoint: RUSSELL CLARK lower left

Letter from artist adhered to the reverse of the painting.

Inscribed verso in artists hand: THE ROAD TO THE WEST 25 GNS

Also adhered to the reverse is a note from the owners father which says: I would like this picture by Russell Clark to go to Jo please. The current owner would like this note removed prior to sale so that she can keep it as a memory from her father.

Condition and Measurements

The painting is in excellent condition. It is in it's original frame which dependant on who purchases the work may need some restoration. The plaster has come away in areas and there are some dents and loss of paint.


Excluding Frame:
51 cm
65 cm
Overall Size (including frame, if applicable):
68 cm
83 cm
5 cm

View At Ocula Black Gallery

This artwork is available to be viewed in person at our gallery in Auckland. The gallery is located at:

Level One
25 Sale Street
Freemans Bay
New Zealand

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday : 10am - 6pm
Saturday : By appointment

+64 9 3033 126

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Artwork Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Artwork Dimensions (including frame, if applicable): 68 x 83 x 5 cm
Artwork Weight: 10 KG

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goldie NZD $60,000
26 September at 2:00 p.m.

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